Shalom Schools

Shaloom Schools

WAPO Mission International has a specialized unit for social service developent in the community. The focus of the unit has so far been on the following projects

  • 1996 - Nursery Primary school education
  • 1998 - Special Refugee services in the camps
  • 2005 - Political peace stability campaigns
  • 2005 – Secondary School education

About Shalom Schools Shalom Mission school begun in 1996 but was officially registered by the ministry of Education and Vocational Training on August 30, 2005. The School started with enrolment of four pupils, amongst them, two were Bishops children (Samael and David). The first attempt of the National Exam was done in September 2005 where nine candidates sat for the exams. Following the results of external examinations (Mocks and National exams), the performance graph of the School is drastically rising up in every year. In the recent years the School has been producing candidates who compete very well for admission in well performing National state Schools and private schools. This has been achieved through commitment and determination of teachers and pupils not forgetting spiritual support.


  1. To establish and run an English Medium Nursery School designed to equip children of 4-6 years of age with the best knowledge that will qualify them to join any International Primary School.
  2. To establish and run an International Primary School with a Christ based curriculum and syllabus.
  3. To run Special Programs within The Shalom Mission School syllabus, which are designed to equip the children to acquire a high standard of morals and behavior.
  4. To establish and run a Special Educational Fund, which will provide educational sponsorship for orphans, and children whose parents are financially unable to sponsor their children.


SHALOM Mission School is using WAPO MISSION premises where all classrooms have been completed. Seven classrooms are complete and already in use. These buildings are located at a Low-density plot and will be used as temporary premises while land is sought for constructing permanent school buildings.

Source of Funding

Most of the funds that established Shalom Mission School were grants from WAPO MISSION members and Shalom Investments Limited. The American Embassy in Tanzania also contributed funds for the school classrooms. In addition, the founder parents, who are from the Biblical Counseling and Intercession Centre also, did contribute much in terms of finance and materials to support this School.

Finally, Fees charged for new pupils also do support the sustainability of the school. Tuition fees and other Contributions from Parents are helping to run the school without any difficulty.